We've been customers, just like you.

We understand what it’s like if the needs of a business change and the technology in place doesn’t fit. We also know what it’s like to try and fix our own problems, along with the sense of relief you get when you allow others to help and maybe even fix them for you.


Richard Waldron

Richard is an inspirational leader with over 20 years experience in professional services.

He brings all that he has learned about business operations and customer service to Oaktree Technology, making sure everyone interacting with us receives the best possible experience.

Craig Sharp

Craig operates on the technical side for Oaktree Technology, but not necessarily in the way you might think. He certainly isn't the traditional "tech-guy" that turns up on site to ramble on about gigabits and megabits. He has a simple It philosophy:

"Information Technology is put together in the right order; you must first decide which information you need to manage and only then worry about the technology"

Lee Clark

Lee is an ideas person. He thrives when he's able to apply himself to a problem and help others at the same time.

He spends his time bouncing ideas around with clients, listening intently, ensuring we are able to stay pro-active in how we work.